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FOCUSED communications support.

Areas of Practice


Media relations

Working with the media has evolved over the past few years. Our team is continuously learning and innovating on how to keep our clients in front of their customers and key influencers. We work across channels to earn media placements for our clients in media outlets that matter to them.


communications campaign development

We LOVE generating big ideas that can be developed into an integrated marketing campaign. Our team brainstorms ideas, outlines them for the client, once the client selects the idea(s) they would like to pursue, we develop a tactical plan to get the idea to fruition, and the client’s goals met. Often this means that the PMG team works with the client and their other marketing partners to ensure all aspects of the campaign are achieved.


communications messaging

We will only work with clients that we believe we can be successful with. A very important part of this is having a differentiated, compelling messaging approach that describes your brand attributes at an easy to digest initial level, but that can withstand multiple layers of drill down. The idea is to have all customer-facing members of the client organization able to give a compelling elevator pitch, then dig deeper on the attributes someone is interested in. Many clients come to us with detailed messaging. For those that don’t, we can leverage our exclusive Message Map methodology to achieve this end.


crisis management

You never know when you will find yourself in need of crisis management, and having a plan is helpful. If you don’t have a plan in place, knowing who to call to ask for help is essential. We offer crisis preparedness, crisis management, and reputation recovery. We can work closely with your legal counsel, or suggest counsel if needed.


Public Relations Counseling

We provide counseling for businesses who need a little extra communications oomph. If you have a communications team member in place in your organization, sometimes they can use a bit extra help thinking about strategy, campaign development, or figuring out how to prioritize their communications tactics. You may need a backup -brain to help think through some communications issues your organization is facing, but don’t need to hire an agency for that. We offer guidance on an as-needed basis.


communications STRATEGY

Everything we do is guided by a strategic approach that we and our clients see eye-to-eye on. Positioning and messaging, segmentation and targeting, tactical development, and real-world measurement all relate back to the marketing strategy. If a client comes to us with a strategy they love, we execute against it. If they don’t, we can work with them to develop one which is practical, and which can can be funded, executed, and measured.


social media content creation and management

Development of social media content can be daunting. Our team keeps with evolving and current social media best practices to develop content for our client’s social media channels. As needed, we also manage their social media channels and furnish reporting. Please note that social media is offered as a “snap-on” service for clients working with us in other practice areas.


SPEAKING engagements

From keynote sessions at global conferences to conference breakout sessions and workshops, we have done it all. We’re happy to develop content for your organization or group, or can provide you with a current list of presentations upon request.